Curlyzone is an online retailer of hair products for women, children and men, the stock is based in the West Indies

It is a human-sized society.


The favorite that triggered everything

Like many women, I have often changed hairstyles throughout my life, I relaxed as a teenager,

I had very short cuts that I made alone to the mower, then to the square and then longer,

In 2009, I changed my product selection criteria by turning to Vegan shampoos and care, my hair has visibly improved,

I could only find these products in the United States,

Then, the Nappy trend came, I saw the Chris Rocks movie, I saw relatives and friends become natural and I thought that my hair type would be reclatable, unmanageable, so for a long time I did not could not consider this conversion,

I had a crush on a trip to New York where I discovered natural products and vegans, with ingredients developed by African Americans and specifically for the Afro-descendants market

I discovered a rich offer for each type of hair, from hair straightened to frizzy hair, for every texture, from technical and luxurious ranges that offered the guarantee of high quality natural ingredients and healthy, ethical and fair trade wording, therefore committed,

I learned to understand my hair nature, its need for constant hydration, to nourish and care for it, to make it healthy and manageable, to experiment the right actions to preserve my lengths and to comb my hair according to my desire,

Living my true nature in short, I ended up doing my Big Chop,


The problem is that I read articles on blogs or watch YouTube videos, and I thought I would really like to try these products which, unfortunately, were not available in West Indies-Guyana?

From my professional competence and my passion is born


Curlyzone wants to make accessible in the West Indies - Guyana and elsewhere in the world, a sharp selection of ranges of products that meet the many requirements of women, men, parents for their baby and their child,

We hope to satisfy you in this search for products that match your hair and skin, your needs,

At Curlyzone, we are constantly looking for the best products for your hair and body, our goal is to make your life healthier and easier

If you need help or advice, contact us, we love to help you